The perfect weekend

, , Sunday, January 13, 2008

How is a middle aged dude supposed to keep his sleek boyish figure when the treat season lasts from Halloween until well after Christmas? And since this personal dude can't seem to "just say no" to all the treats in the surgery lounge, I've got to find ways to keep the weight off by means other than dieting. In College I was a wisp, at 6'1" 155 pounds, but those days are gone forever; and not because my height has changed. A couple of years ago when I was in marathon shape I weighed about 160, but I have to work to keep under 175.

I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to do a lot of running lately; the roads are sloppy, the weather is cold, the nights are long and I lack motivation after a busy night of taking anesthesia call. So I welcome other active pursuits when they come along, and in that respect last weekend was the perfect weekend.

For starters I took Tony, Elizabeth and Claire to Prairie Walls climbing gym in Rochester Friday night. Tony had his introduction to lead climbing in the gym, and we took turns taking deliberate falls to test our belaying skills. The Trango Cinch did a really nice job of holding falls and allowing hangdogging when our arms got pumped.

On Saturday Tony and I drove up to Lilydale Park in St. Paul for some ice climbing in The Brickyards. Ice climbing was another "first" for Tony, and I was happy to be the one to corrupt him. introduce it to him. I know it whet my own appetite for more, and I think it did him as well. It's funny how I can climb all day with only a short break for a Zone Perfect bar at 2:30, but when I'm at home I seem to graze on food all the time. I must be eating because I'm bored, or something.

We finished the weeken by skiing at Welch Village on Sunday; Margaret, Elizabeth, Claire, Tony and me. Conditions were pretty nice, despite the thaw we had last week. But the light was flat, the features were hard to see and people were a little tired so we kept it petty mellow. But mellow was good; it was indeed a perfect weekend


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