, Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sometimes I wonder if my life is being monitored like Jim Carrey's in The Truman Show. Last summer I was complaining because whenever we walk Marco, we end up walking right on busy Huff street. I always wish out loud that they had put a sidewalk in when they revised the rest of the street. Well, at the end of the summer they started construction for that sidewalk.

I also complained since August that a tree in the park across the street that was damaged in our big flood was never removed. It just lay splintered and dead for months. Until one day it was removed.

I think Margaret's life is monitored also, and this time I have some proof. On Saturday we were chatting around the dinner table. We were celebrating Byron's birthday, so I had my camera and took some video footage. Take a look at this. Here's a  video of Margaret talking about the process of canonizing saints:

And now in today's news, the pope cracks down on the process. Could it be a coincidence? I don't think so!


  1. dmarks said...

    Those are all a bunch of good photos.

  2. Tom Smart said...

    Thanks dmarks.

  3. dmarks said...

    I'll try to keep an eye on this one. I've been looking for a good Winona blog for quite some time.

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