Blue's Clues

, Saturday, July 5, 2008

I was warned, fair and square.

While our friends are in Sweden we agreed to watch their 2 dogs for a week. The week was going to start tomorrow, but at the last minute the plan changed and they are at our house starting today. That puts me home alone with 3 dogs and a cat.

When we picked the dogs up from Tony, we heard all about Blueberry's antics, like gobbling down a school lunch from somebody's backpack. Never mind that school has been out for a couple of weeks; Blueberry's iron stomach can handle the most rancid meat. She found a stash of chocolate candies too, and ate them all. We were warned to vigilantly await the digestive results of her over indulgence; it seems she's made a habit of preferring carpet toilets to grass ones this week. Oh, and Firenze like to eat poo, so be careful.

Blueberry and Firenze hadn't been at our house 5 minutes when my pager went off, calling me to the hospital to help with a Lap Chole. Margaret was on her way out of town, so Marco got to be the king of the castle while Blueberry stayed in her crate and Firenze went to the guest room.

When I got home it was dinnertime for the dogs. I was warned to separate them, or Blueberry would eat everybody's food. My plan worked perfectly; Marco ate in the kitchen, Firenze in the sunroom and Blueberry outside. Blue's food was gone in a flash, then she desperately wanted to come inside for Firenze's portion. But since I have a larger brain and a bigger thumb, I kept the screen door closed until Firenze was good-and-finished with his food.

After their dinner I stayed in the sunroom with the screen door open so the 3 dogs could come in and out at will. Firenze stayed at my feet, Marco sauntered in and out and Blueberry ran around the yard. Periodically I'd get up and take a roll call and they all seemed content.

Margaret had warned me not to leave the tiniest bit of food where Blueberry could find it, but no snack goes unnoticed by the canine eating machine, and she found a way to outsmart me. Who could have predicted what she'd find in the flower garden? She was pleased to show me the bird she caught, and even dropped it for Firenze to admire. But when I tried to take it from her she swallowed it down before I could take 2 steps. Who needs a big brain? Who needs a big thumb? Not Blueberry, she's got all she needs for scoring yummy snacks.

I bet Firenze can't wait until that comes out!


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