Gus's Proud Achievement

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Notice the difference? No, no I don't mean the dorky guy in the foreground of the second image. Look at the background. The parks service cleared out the brush in front of the new bench. Grumpy Gus's blog must really have some clout to inspire that kind of change in 24 hours, huh?


  1. sessa123 said...

    Seems to me that a person who believes that he is the center of the universe (or merely Winona, MN) is taking a LOT upon himself in thinking that the merest mention of weeds before a bench disppearing soon after the mention is either: 1. Deluded
    2. Non-observant of city bench policy
    3. God's nephew. Sessa

  2. Tom Smart said...

    I'm going with number 3...

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