, Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I was in high school kids would walk from the swimming pool to the 7-eleven convenience store and come back with pop in huge cups called Big Gulp. They cost $0.25, or something. At the time the luxury of a pop (or soda, as we called it in St. Louis) so huge seemed extravagant and unreasonable. Looking back, though, it seemed to build a new expectation regarding food portions in people my age and younger. Now you can fit nearly a whole pot of coffee in some refillable convenience store mugs. When I get a pop at Kwik Trip I feel sheepish to only fill up a Little Buddy when they have Big Buddy, Best Buddy and Mega Buddy (52 oz!) sizes for increments of $.010 more each. That the US is serving larger portion sizes today is no surprise to anybody. Buyer beware.

I may not be tempted by the Mega Buddy, but I'm not totally immune to larger portions.  I do have my weaknesses, especially with cookies. When normal Oreos weren't enough for people, Nabisco started selling Double Stuf Oreos (or Dubs as I like to call them). I wouldn't even think of buying the normal Oreos anymore, they're just so bland. The trouble is, though, that Dubs sometimes need a little sprucing up too, now that I'm used to them.

They don't sell Oreos bigger than Double Stuf, no Best Stuf or Mega Stuf, but that doesn't stop me from customizing. When I really need a cookie fix, I disassemble 3 Double Stufs and splice them together into a Hex Stuf. Now that's what I call a cookie!


  1. M3 Pilot: said...

    That INDEED is a real cookie! Sharon, my wife, laughs at me when I make a PBJ (we call 'em peebs). The jelly usually spills out over the edges. After all, in my mind, the only reason for the bread and the "P" is to deliver the "J".

    We've had to negotiate a peace agreement for me to normally limit myself to "halfa peeb".

    So... how much "J" can I get on a "halfa peeb?"

  2. Melinda said...

    It looks like you're having a glass of tomato juice with the huge cookie. I hope you weren't.

    What about those Oreos that are covered in chocolate? Do you like those?

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