Meet Hans, errr Remy, errr Manny, errr...

, , Thursday, November 27, 2008

...Perry! Yeah, we settled on Perry. But around our house a given name is only a jumping off point for all of the nicknames that come later. The real names hardly get used at all.

Perry is our beautiful new Flatcoated Retriever friend. We adopted him on Sunday from Shannara Kennels in St. Michael. He came from a litter of 12, and at age 15 weeks there were 2 or 3 puppies left who had not been adopted yet. We drove up and met the breeders and the dogs, and got to watch them all tumble around in the back yard (the dogs, not the breeders). Our little guy had a purple collar and was know simply as Purple Boy until we finally setted on a name Wednesday.

His breath was not so puppy fresh when we brought him home, and we quickly discovered that he as a penchant for the fine art of coprophagia. He paid for this love of his homemade "sushi" on Wednesday when the stress of a new home caused parasytic coccidiae to sprout like fleas in his intestines. This gave him a super bad day of vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and finally a trip to Companion Care Animal Clinic still under construction. The wonderful Dr. Ken Chaffin and his excellent staff were unfazed by our visit to their new facility, and gladly worked around construction crews and dust to give us a diagnosis. After a couple of doses of antibiotic, which Perry thankfully adores, he is healthy again for Turkey Day. But instead of turkey our little guy is eating rice sprinkled with fairy dust. He still needs his bland diet so his poo doesn't come out like Jello Pudding.


  1. Sara Grachek said...

    He's absolutely adorable - welcome to the world of Flat-Coats!

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