Perry at 5 months

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The little guy is growing fast and changing every day. It's still hard to get pictures of him, especially outside where his constantly-moving black body against the white snow becomes a black blur on a pocket camera. So here is my latest attempt from indoors. He cooperated by becoming progressively more relaxed.


  1. AJ said...

    Oh you beautiful darling pup. I cannot wait to meet you.
    Thank you, puppy dear, for bringing happiness into the Smart household.

    Molly says "Hey Pewwy, I fwunked out of Havaad. I 'barrassed Maaco cuz I am a goden wetweivea too but we weer still fwiends and I still talk to him somtimes"

  2. Tom Smart said...

    Marco says, "That's otay Moll. I feent they tan div you a honowawy dedwee since you ow a dolden."

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