Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was walking Perry today and he picked up a little fallen nest in his mouth. I had noticed it earlier in the day and thought that it was so cute and small. I made Perry drop it and we continued on our walk. When I told Margaret about it she said that she wished I had picked it up for her, so I went back and got it. It had gotten flattened in the rain, but it was so soft that it took its shape again easily. I wondered what made it so resilient, so I took a look more closely.

It was made from Marco's fur, laced together with twigs.


  1. anne said...


  2. Anonymous said...

    Marco, dear Marco....he lives on.
    Some where a little bird remembers the very special home where it grew... where it was warm and soft fur cradled it. Even a birds nest is made of tender brokenness, but it is a place to grow, and not to dwell.
    What a special "find".

  3. dmarks said...

    This has to be the first time I've read about practical use of doghair.

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