Mitchum Man

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I think I'd better switch deodorants. My Mitchum unscented clear gel is working just fine. In fact, it works so well I could skip a day, just like the ads say. Its quick drying formula leaves no trace of messy white residue on me or my clothes. It's alcohol free so it doesn't sting or irritate my skin. But my ratio of lighter fluid to charcoal is not 2:1. I guess I'm not a Mitchum Man after all. Darn. I bet the good ol' marketing boys were giving each other big slaps on the back when they thought up that one. I wish I was in their club.

Maybe I should switch to Axe. I do spray my running clothes with it after I get to work in the heat of the summer so they aren't too stinky when I have to put them on again to run home. But why stop there? I can spray myself with it, too. I could spray my chest, neck, underarms or anything else I want to smell great. I could simplify my life too, by getting rid of another product because this one pulls double duty. It's not just effective deodorant protection - it's combined with a seductive, longer lasting fragrance. Too bad it stinks.


  1. dmarks said...

    What about the guys who use gasoline to start barbecue coals on fire? Probably a Tim Taylor man.

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