The other half

, Saturday, March 8, 2008

Margaret insisted - begged, even - that I add an illustrated guide to her closet, too. I'm not sure why she insisted, but I have a hunch she was afraid she would misplace her "Yoga Diva" sweatshirt without the guide. She claimed that the post would be "hilarious." But as we annotated the photo, somehow the word "clothes" didn't seem so funny. So I've taken some of my own editorial liberties with the annotations.

Margaret occasionally says to me, "Tell me why you love me." But I always choke under that kind of pressure. I think that helping her keep track of Yoga Diva should be proof enough that I do love her even if I can't always tell her why. I think that she'll stop asking after this post.

Margaret loves her Yoga Diva, even if she's a little embarrassed by wearing the word "Diva" on her body. She loves it so much, she even made up a song about it:

"When you don't know what to wear
And you want to pull out your hair,
Sister don't despair
Reach for YOGA DIVA!"

So here's Margaret's closet; here's how "the other half" lives.

A. Hamper; Yoga Diva goes in here on Sunday nights. I take down the laudry at 5:30 Monday morning (can you feel the love?), so YD doesn't have to spend much time here.
B. Stinky washcloth drying over the side of the hamper; her stinky stuff actually makes it to the hamper
C. 2 “whales”; out of season clothing; I'm not sure why we call these bins "whales" except that we have a name for everything. YD is never out of season.
D. Purses and bags
E. Lots of leather boots
F. More leather boots
G. Shoes; here's why we're a perfect match - if I put a carabiner from my closet into each of the shoes in her closet, they would match up perfectly. She has 50 shoes (I counted) and I have 50 carabiners (I counted).
H. Blouses, skirts, pants and dresses
I. Sweaters; Diva's domain
J. Ratty gardening clothes
K. Fireproof lock box
L. Extra pair of Saucony aerobics shoes
M. Over to the left, out of the picture, is a bunch of exercise clothes; the Diva isn't actually an excercise outfit, it's just a feel-good comfy sweatshirt


  1. dmarks said...

    Yoga diva sounds like a Star Wars character.

    Care to reveal the fine dining establishment you are in for the group photo?

  2. Tom Smart said...

    Oh, that's actually on a cruise ship in Alaska. Pretty long commute from Winona.

  3. Melinda said...

    I think this would be grounds for divorce in most states. You are lucky that Margaret loves you so much!

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