Tom's Closet - An Illustrated, Annotated Guide

, , Saturday, March 8, 2008

Elizabeth asked me if she could borrow a tripod to videotape herself and Kara making brownies. We went to my closet and she laughed, saying, "Your closet has a bunch of stuff and a few clothes. Mine has a bunch of clothes and a little stuff."

I like keeping my toys in my closet because it make me feel like I do fun things more often than I actually do. If you ever need to borrow anything, here's where you'll find it.

A. Pants
B. Shirts
C. A pair of Lowe Alpine shell pants. I sliced them up with my crampons the first time I went ice climbing, and I loaned them to Tony for his first time which gave them more slices. They’re too full of rips to be worth repairing, so now they’re my official beginner ice climbing pants.
D. A stack of running clothes. This is like hamper purgatory because they’re stinky but they haven't made it into the hamper yet. If I need to use them again before doing laundry, I will.
E. Neon green accessory cord. It’s out because I used some to make a zipper-pull on my Patagonia DAS parka
F. Climbing rope
G. Climbing gear; cams, carabiners, helmet, harnesses, shoes, chalk, cordelettes, webbing, etc.
H. Camping gear; tent, stove, cookware, etc.
I. Shoes; an empty slot for my slippers, dress shoes, loafers, Five Ten Guide Tennies, sandals
J. Photography stuff; Norman strobes, 4x5 view camera, etc.
K. A small shoulder/hip bag, a.k.a. my “man purse”
L. Tripod
M. Sleeping pad
N. Hangers on a bar; the bar doubles as a makeshift climbing anchor so I can practice things like building mechanical advantage hauling systems, counterbalance rappels, passing knots and clipping quickdraws. Ice tools are hooked over the far left end of the bar.
O. Water bottles
P. Crampons
Q. Sweaters
R. Hiking boots
S. Two pair of Saucony Triumph 5 running shoes; these are a new brand for me and I’m getting shin splints sometimes. I hope it improves.
T. Duffel bag sitting on top of some new socks and the lid to our hamper


  1. Anne said...

    "A bunch of clothes and a little bit of stuff vs. a bunch of stuff and a little bit of clothes." Therein lies the secret to the women are from Venus, men are from Mars dichotomy. Different, but the same. The closet is still full.

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